Why Hydra?

Hydra is a mythical multi-headed serpent.

How long has Hydra been open?

Hydra was founded in the Spring of 2015. The taproom opened in December 2015.

Do you serve food?

Yes! We have a selection of Roskens pizzas available for purchase. We also provide complimentary popcorn & pretzels for our guests.

Do you allow children?

Children and adults under the age of 21 are allowed until 7pm.

Do you allow dogs in the taproom?

Well-behaved dogs are allowed in the taproom. Please keep your dog on a leash and be respectful of others.

Do you host private parties?

Our taproom is available for private events. Please call 605.275.5544 or complete our contact form to inquire rates?

Do you serve beverages other than beer?

Yes. We have mead & hard ciders available. We also have house-made sodas and cold brewed coffee for those wanting a non-alcoholic beverage.