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Founded in 2015

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Krista Juhlin

Krista Juhlin

/ Beertender /

Title: Beertender

Nick Name: (open to suggestions)

Favorite Hydra Beer: Always the one I get to try next. But on a standing basis? Brewmortal. It’s a combination of both my downfalls.

When I converted to craft beer: After art beer. (But seriously, as soon as I was old enough to procure it for myself. I’ve always loved trying new stuff.)

Favorite part of my job at Hydra: I get to work with beer, and talk about beer, and be a part of an amazing group of people. So..all of it. (Except, obviously, cleaning the bathrooms.)

Other talents: I’m a linguist. I speak English, French and Spanish and I can read Cyrillic and Arabic, but my mother-tongue is sarcasm. Also I play the violin.

Guilty pleasure/s: Drinking a lot of beer and watching baseball. And coffee. And cheese.

What’s in my fridge: Surly Furious, Hydra Death Breath Mango growler, Ommegang Shadow Brewer Russian imperial stout, Anderson Valley Briney Melon Gose and a lot of hot sauces. Maybe some milk and an egg?

If I was a beer: Which one? Why? I’m a Belgian quad. Small and nice-looking like the chalice I’m served in, a lot of bold favors without too much bite, but not to be underestimated.. I pack a punch!!!

If you could hug a brewer… who & why?: Hands down, Arthur Guiness. I love his beer. Plus, that dude signed a 9,000 year lease on his brewery! He couldn’t even imagine what the world might become in that time frame, but he was that certain there would still be a place for his beer in it. That’s the kind of confidence I want us to embody!

Derek Soukup

Derek Soukup

/ Brewer /

Title: Brewer

Nick Name: D_Rack

Favorite Hydra Beer: Succubus

When I converted to craft beer: I credit Old Chicago and their mini tours. They forced me to drink beer I wouldn’t otherwise have bought on my own. Before that my Dad would buy Fat Tire and Amber Bock for Christmas and I would choke them down but it was a tradition I learned to look forward to every year.

Favorite part of my job at Hydra: Making great beer for people. I only have 3 goals in life. 1. Be happy. 2. Make great beer. 3. Make others happy. If something doesn’t align with those three goals, I ignore it and block it out.

Other talents: Construction. I’ve got good skills. Chicks only like guys who have good skills.

Guilty pleasure/s: Eating breakfast at Taco Johns or Taco Bell.

What’s in my fridge: Bank Brewing’s Hop Lab (pick a color), Todd the Axeman, PseudoSue (see a pattern?), Founders Breakfast Stout and a cellar full of stouts and sours aging. Plus I have many containers full of harvested yeast and homegrown hops.

If I was a beer: Sosus from Toppling Goliath because it’s loaded with a delicious dank hop called Mosaic. It represents all I love about hop forward beer.

If you could hug a brewer… who & why?: I like all beer but love local beer so bring me a bearded man of the local variety and I’ll give them a hug and then a high five.

Sheldon Swan

Sheldon Swan

/ Beertender /

Title: Beertender

Nick Name: Sheldon

Favorite Hydra Beer: Immortal

When I converted to craft beer: Probably Sam Adams Boston Lager

Favorite part of my job at Hydra: Learning more about beer while listening to Metal!!

Other talents: Mediocre guitar player, I can clap really loud.

Guilty pleasure/s: I don’t feel guilty about any of my pleasures

What’s in my fridge: Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, Alaskan Summer and severed heads….of lettuce.

If I was a beer: I’d be Pale Horse because it’s always a good choice.

If you could hug a brewer… who & why?: I’ll hug any brewer that needs a hug.


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The Brew House

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Our Taproom

Our Taproom

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Sunday Growler Fills
30 June 2015

20% off growler fills all day Sunday!
Hydra Beers only • Hydra Taproom only • Hydra Growlers only

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Special Beer Releases
30 June 2015

Check our Facebook page for release dates. Some releases are small batch / limited quantities, while others will become a regular part of the lineup.

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Pizza & Pint Night
13 January 2017

All day Tuesdays… get a pizza and a pint of Hydra draft beer for just $12.

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