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The brain child of two metal rockers

Founded in 2015

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Kelcey Schröder

Kelcey Schröder

/ Beertender /

Title: Beertender

Nick Name: Beer Holster Chick

Favorite Hydra Beer: Morning Star Berliner Weisse

When I converted to craft beer: My first visit to a brewery with my older brother in 2008. We went to Three Floyd’s Brewery in Munster, IN.  They had over 25 taps, incredible food, and Gumballhead blew my tiny beer mind.

Favorite part of my job at Hydra: Talking about beer, nerding out over beer, working with awesome people, drinking beer, but my most favorite part is helping first timers find the beer that they can drink again and again.

Other talents: Photographer, drummer, dog whisperer, I bowled a 266 once and I can make one heck of a charcuterie platter.

Guilty pleasure/s: Cheese, ice cream, naps with my dog, and the Back to the Future trilogies.

What’s in my fridge: Various meats and cheeses, hummus, Odell IPA, Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose, Dark Lord, BCBS, Odell Friek, Hydra Death Breath, Bell’s Two Hearted, Surly Furious and about 100 other beers. It’s a big fridge.

If I was a beer: A Gose, it looks approachable and simple, and then the salt and tartness gets you when you weren’t expecting it, but it’s strangely refreshing and you go back for more…

If you could hug a brewer… who & why?: Garrett Oliver of Brooklyn Brewery. The Brewmasters Table book opened my mind to so much beer knowledge, he has killer style, and his Instagram account is the best.

Nick Murphy

Nick Murphy

/ Owner/Founder /

Title: Owner/Co-Founder

Nick Name: Murph

Favorite Hydra Beer: Unholy vanilla

When I converted to craft beer: I got hooked on the hop flavors of Sierra Nevada Pale ale and there was no looking back.

Favorite part of my job at Hydra: Meeting and hearing people say how much they enjoy our beer and taproom

Other talents: Writer/ Headbanger

Guilty pleasure/s: Anything involving marshmallows,  and Huey Lewis and the News.

What’s in my fridge: Currently Boulevard tropical pale ale and Bells two hearted.

If I was a beer: Probably an IPA with tropical flavors because it reminds me of being close to the ocean which is where I love to be.

If you could hug a brewer… who & why?: Probably Todd Haug from Surly because he’s a fellow head banger and shares my love for cats.

Derek Soukup

Derek Soukup

/ Brewer /

Title: Brewer

Nick Name: D_Rack

Favorite Hydra Beer: Succubus

When I converted to craft beer: I credit Old Chicago and their mini tours. They forced me to drink beer I wouldn’t otherwise have bought on my own. Before that my Dad would buy Fat Tire and Amber Bock for Christmas and I would choke them down but it was a tradition I learned to look forward to every year.

Favorite part of my job at Hydra: Making great beer for people. I only have 3 goals in life. 1. Be happy. 2. Make great beer. 3. Make others happy. If something doesn’t align with those three goals, I ignore it and block it out.

Other talents: Construction. I’ve got good skills. Chicks only like guys who have good skills.

Guilty pleasure/s: Eating breakfast at Taco Johns or Taco Bell.

What’s in my fridge: Bank Brewing’s Hop Lab (pick a color), Todd the Axeman, PseudoSue (see a pattern?), Founders Breakfast Stout and a cellar full of stouts and sours aging. Plus I have many containers full of harvested yeast and homegrown hops.

If I was a beer: Sosus from Toppling Goliath because it’s loaded with a delicious dank hop called Mosaic. It represents all I love about hop forward beer.

If you could hug a brewer… who & why?: I like all beer but love local beer so bring me a bearded man of the local variety and I’ll give them a hug and then a high five.


The Brew House

The Brew House

A look into the process…

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Hydra Hype

Hydra Hype

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Our Taproom

Our Taproom

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30 June 2015

20% off growler fills all day Sunday!
Hydra Beers only • Hydra Taproom only • Hydra Growlers only


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Pizza & Pint Night
13 January 2017

All day Tuesdays… get a pizza and a pint of Hydra draft beer for just $12. (more…)

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Donut & Beer Pairing
18 January 2017

Join us March 18th & 19th for this very special donut and beer pairing at the Hydra Taproom where we will be pairing 4 Flyboy Donuts with 4 Hydra Beers for $20. (more…)

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